Sony Releases Worst Update Ever On PS4, Voice Chats May Be Recorded? And They Broke The Friends List

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Me talking about the worst update that was ever released on PlayStation today.

Follow Up Video
Hello everyone. I have made a follow up video. Sony has released an update on their blog. They claim that the message is taken out of context and that they do not record your party chat. They claim that only people can record and report you. However this is still broken imagine someone reporting someone getting angry about a game or joking with their friends cursing in a party. Could they get banned for this? I really hope they are telling the truth and that they are not recording you. The message is still very concerning because even if you join a party by yourself you still get the message that you agree to be recorded. Additionally anyone can invite people to your party now. I have also found that if you now mute players they can still hear you and other people have informed me of something I didn't think of. You can kick them from the group but anyone can join if they are invited. Blocked players being able to join your parties also mean that they can now DDOS you easier. This is scary as when you block someone you expect them not to be able to join your party anymore.

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