Gold is everywhere in the Mid-western USA: How and where to find gold every time in the heartland

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Gold is everywhere in the Mid-western USA! If you know how to look for it, you can get gold every time. Check out this video and you will learn how and where to find gold in the central heartland of the US. The key to finding Midwest gold is in locating those spots where the forces of water flow will concentrate the gold that occurs from the glacial drift material which came down from Canada. Inside bends of streams, behind boulders, false bedrock clay layers, places where the streams flow over hard bedrock are all good, but any place like the upstream end of gravel bars where the effect of water flow concentrates allows heavy materials like gold will form pay streaks. Most of the gold found is fairly fine sized but occasional nuggets as large as wheat grains (and slightly larger) are sometimes found. Gold quartz specimens are also sometimes found as well. The small size of most of the gold makes it harder to recover. That means care must be taken in processing the gravel. We will also take a look at the individual states and the places where gold has been found in the past.
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