Exclusive Interview | Dr. Himansu | Orthopedic Surgeon | Yoga Guru Naresh | MahaKali Conference 2020

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Kalinka Mandir Pauri Garhwal Almora, Maa Kalinka (Kali) temple is situated in Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand in northern India. It lies close to the border with the Almora district. The temple has been in existence for centuries but the new structure has been renovated and remade a couple of times in the last decade. The eastern part of the Maha Kali Temple is located at the Matkhani Gram Sabha which is located at the Lakhora Saraikhet of the Almora District. The inner Bhandara of MahaKali Temple Shakti Peeth including its three parts (northern part, western part, and southern part) lie in the Gram Kotha Talla of Gedigaad of Garhwal Bironkhal Block.
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