(ESO PVP) Black widow build is out and "how to play" video is out!

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JDMOONAN is a long time Dragon Knight player, theory craftier, antimeta hunter, and talk show host! In my streams I aim to help any and all players with builds, play styles, skills, classes, general game information, and advanced algorithm understandings, for a better game play experience and overall understanding of the game.
In most of my streams you will see me play test build ideas, talk to long time advanced players about builds, proposed change ideals, classes, and sets. You will also so mostly PVP content, I primarily 1vX, but also small man in Cyrodiil, but I can guarantee, 99% of the time I will and my group will be outnumbered.
We also like to joke, trash talk, discuss current and past events, talk politics and social issues, also debate theology and different spiritual ideas.

I hope you enjoy the show, get a laugh, debate with me/us, and learn to be comfortable discussing any of you ideas in my chat, and remember be respectful to each other in the chat, no racial or sexual slurs, finally, don't do anything I wouldn't do, and see you on the battlefield!
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