A Rookie and a Recipe - Gary Gan

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Rating - PG13 (some coarse language)

Welcome to the Rookie Kitchen, where local personalities with minimal cooking skills come to challenge themselves in front of the entire country! In each episode, the challenger will arrive in the Rookie Kitchen. Upon entry, the doors will be locked and the challenger will find a recipe. He now has just about 120 minutes to cook the recipe, or stay locked in the kitchen… forever! As if that wasn’t enough pressure, the kitchen is also rigged with cameras, and the entire challenge livestreamed on YouTube. Luckily, they have two video call lifelines with family or friends, and live chat with people all over Singapore to aid them in their task. Meanwhile, a professional chef is watching the entire cook play out, live. He’ll provide commentary for our audience, and also taste the dish when it’s done, in order to determine whether our challenger has truly passed the Rookie Kitchen test.

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